Learning Guitar Power Chords

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Learning Guitar Power Chords

Learning guitar power chords is a super fun and easy way to get started quickly playing guitar. Power chords are two-note chords that use a simple two-note pattern to play them up and down the fretboard. This pattern can be moved up and down the neck to play different chord tones at different positions. As a result, power chords open up a world of easy chords for beginners to play some of their favorite rock and punk songs quickly. Therefore, learning just a few simple chord patterns will get you on your way to playing some fun energetic songs that everyone knows and loves.

What Are Guitar Power Chords?

Guitar Power Chords are defined as two-note chords played on the guitar’s 5th and 6th strings. They are the foundation of tons of songs and are used extensively in rock and punk. Power chords can be used in any genre of music and are not exclusive to any type of music. Power chords are super fun and are a great way to learn the notes on the 6th and 5th strings. So, needless to say, power chords are used in tons of songs so you can start playing guitar quickly and having fun with your favorite songs. Another great thing about learning guitar power chords is that if you are having trouble using a barre chord, sometimes you can use the power chord variation of that chord to make it a little easier. Yes, it is cheating but it works, and why should everything about learning the guitar be so damn difficult?

Who Is This Workshop For?

This short workshop is for anyone who wants a quick start to play simple rock/punk chords and songs on the guitar. This is a great way for beginners to get started playing or just for someone who may be interested in learning just a few simple things on the guitar without committing to long term lessons and practice. That said, you should still practice these chords to get the rhythm and timing down correctly so that you can play songs well.

Workshop Objectives And What You Will Learn

  • What a power chord is and how it is constructed
  • Power chord shapes on the 6th string
  • Power chord shapes on the 5th string
  • The Guitar Fretboard
  • How To Mute Strings
  • Power Chord Practice Tips
  • Songs that use power chords

Power Chord Songs

There is a plethora of different songs you learn with just power chords. Here are a few easy songs that you can start learning quickly once you have completed this easy workshop.

  • Seven Nation Army – White Stripes
  • Cocaine – Eric Clapton
  • You Really Got Me – The Kinks
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
  • When I Come Around – Greenday
  • Iron Man – Black Sabbath

This very short list will get you started playing and to find the tablature you can always check out Ultimate Guitar for the tablature. Ultimate Guitar is one of the best guitar tablature sights I have come across. There are thousands of songs to choose from in any genre you can think of. Subscription prices are very reasonable. Another great resource for learning and practicing songs is Guitar Pro. Guitar Pro is an app that you can purchase for a fee that will show you not only tablature for songs but also standard notation. The great thing about the Guitar Pro application is that it is a great way to practice your favorite songs,

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