Learn to Play Guitar

Are you excited to learn to play guitar? Then join Bobbi Guitar on an adventure to learn to play guitar and ukulele. Here you will find courses to get you started and continue learning. We offer both free and paid courses and are adding new courses all the time. I you prefer a live instructor, Bobbi also offers in-person and Zoom lessons. Bobbi teaches the fundamentals and guides students through the adventure and struggle of learning the guitar. Guitar is not an easy instrument to learn so having someone who can help you with the tough stuff is invaluable.

Are you interested in in-person lessons? Bobbi offers lessons in person in her local area as well as online via Zoom or Google. Learn more about private lessons here. Learning guitar from a real live person makes you accountable and brings some great perspective into what you are learning. Having someone to answer your guitar questions is invaluable. Here are six great reasons to learn guitar with a live person.