This series on How To Choose A Guitar For Beginners. When a student is just starting out it is difficult to determine which guitar you should buy. There are so many to choose from, different sizes and shapes, some are cheap, others are very expensive. Which is the best guitar for you? We’ll help you determine that by giving you some information to help you choose.

The biggest piece of advice we give is to go out and play as many guitars as you can. If you don’t know how to play, ask a friend that does or ask the store clerk. Listen to the tone, plug it in if it has pickups, how does it sound? How does it feel when you hold it or play it? Does the neck feel good in your hand, is the neck of the guitar straight? Does the guitar feel balanced or does the neck tend to fall when you are holding it? How the guitar feels is one of the biggest factors for me when I buy a new guitar. But we will also look at some quality factors to help you in How To Choose A Guitar For Beginners.

Part 1: How To Choose An Acoustic Guitar

Part 2: How To Choose An Electric Guitar

Part 3: Choosing A Guitar For A Child

Part 4: Choosing Guitar Accessories For Beginners