Beginner Guitar Course – Basic Guitar Chords

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Who Is The Beginner Guitar Course – Basic Guitar Chords For?

The Beginner Guitar Course – Basic Guitar Chords is for anyone who wants to learn how to play the six-string guitar. It assumes you know little or nothing about the guitar. The beginner guitar course is designed to get you started playing the guitar by teaching you the basics of guitar and gradually progressing to more difficult material. Bobbi has designed the course as a free class but is also available for private lessons.

Beginner Guitar Course Objectives And What You Will Learn

  1. Be able to play major, minor, and 7th chords.
  2. Learn rhythm basics so that you can play the chords with the correct tempo and rhythm.
  3. Be able to practice with several chord progressions and songs.
  4. I will show you where to find more songs to play on your own.

What You Will Need

You will need a guitar of course. If you do not have a  guitar you can view my blog post How To Choose A Good Guitar. For a complete list of items that Bobbi recommends please see the first guitar lesson in this course What You Need To Play Guitar.  The bare minimum requirements are a guitar, a strap, a case, some picks, and a guitar tuner. Bobbi also highly recommends a music stand to hold up your book, tablet, or computer so you can read music comfortably without crouching over on a couch or a bed.

Basic Guitar Chords And Beginning Rhythm

Guitar Techniques To Practice
The C Chord
The G Chord
Rhythm For Guitar
Guitar Strumming Lessons - Tablature Notation
Guitar Lesson Rhythm With Slash Notation
The A Chord
How To Change Between Guitar Chords
The D Chord
Guitar Chord Progressions
The E Chord
Sweet Home Alabama - First Song Lesson Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Em Chord
Easy Guitar Song - Eleanor Rigby
The Am Chord
The Dm Chord
The D7 Chord

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Beginner Guitar Course – Basic Guitar Chords