Free Online Guitar Lessons

Free Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Our free online guitar lessons are easy to understand, fun, and get you playing guitar right away.
Bobbi offers free online classes or you can take private lessons from Bobbi directly via Zoom.

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Free Online Guitar Lessons

Designed to let you learn guitar at your own pace. Take this course for free!

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You can take private guitar lessons from Bobbi for just $30 per lesson.

Our Courses

Our free beginning guitar course is a great way to get you started. Don’t let that guitar

gather any more dust in that closet. Bring it out now and start enjoying the gift of music.


Learn To Play Guitar With Our Free Beginners Course

Start today and learn your first guitar chords.


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Bobbi Pratt — Guitar Instructor

#1. Build Musical Skill

We will teach you how to play chords right away so that you can being playing your favorite songs.


#2. Get The Right Path From The Beginning By Learning Guitar The Right Way

With Bobbi’s formal training she can teach you not just how to play a chord, but rythm and theory so that you can become a good musician.


#3. Free Online Guitar Lessons

You can ask questions on each lesson and get answers from Bobbi herself or the community of students and instructors. Online guitar lessons were never this awesome.

What Our Students Have to Say


The lessons are short and easy to understand. Not only am I learning chords but I’m learning songs as I progress through the course. This makes it fun!


Rebecca Duckie


My brother and I took private lessons from Bobbi. I like that she was so laid back and didn’t get annoyed with me when I didn’t practice.


James Journey


Bobbi really centered my private lessons around what I was interested in learning. This made it a lot of fun.


Jacob Journey